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play Living life sportingly!


At, Gyaananda School, sports is not just a hobby or a physical education slot in the time tables; it is a way to be. A phrase commonly used “Be a Sport”  is Gyaananda way of life. Sports are rich, robust, rigorous and respectful. They are not just games; they teach us values for life, they are key elements in our culture and tradition- and we are in an endeavour to live by that culture.

In the process of developing a sound mind, we tend to forget the requirement of developing a sound body as well. With a little play Jack and Jill both could be adept and achieve more in life. Sports teach us setting targets, building up determination to meet those targets with meticulous planning and spontaneity, along with fostering mutual co-operation and balancing group dynamics in a team.

It is only in sports that a kid and an adult come together in equal responsibility. There is no age limit, really, when, it comes to playing; the ‘generation gap’ disappears.

There is a pre and post-school sports academy at Gyaananda, open for all, that is run by trainers trained and certified internationally.

Expert training provided in:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Taekwondo
  • Basket Ball
  • Table Tennis

You can only see to believe our sporting grounds, maintained facilities and spirited sports crew to witness our sportsmanship. You may download teh brochure for further specific information for Gyaananda Sports Academy.